Posted by: Tricia | February 20, 2011

Mom of the Year


It may not be spring officially in Texas, but it sure does feel like it!  We are loving these warm and sunny February days!  And, apparently the ants like the warm weather as much as we do.  They are back in full force, and had no qualms about attacking my poor baby boy’s feet when he accidentally intruded upon one of their homes in our back yard.  I was doing some cleaning in the garage and decided that it would be a great idea for him to cruise around the driveway in his beloved walker.  It took less than a minute for him to get into trouble and probably no more than 10 seconds for the ants to give him about 50 bites between the two feet.  I am so glad I got there when I did because they didn’t get any higher than his ankles. I know all kids find themselves the unlucky victim of an ant sabotage at least once in their life, but I am still feeling like I deserve an F- on my report card this week.  On the brighter side, Jude doesn’t seem to notice the bites at all.  I am very happy that he’s still happy.  Even if I don’t win the Mom of the Year award, I’m pretty sure that he still thinks I’m the best mom ever!



  1. Yeah, it happens. Ant bites, falls off the couch, a sip of milk that had stayed out of the fridge for way too long…. Kids live through lots of stuff! 🙂

  2. Poor guy…. we don’t miss having fire ants that is for sure. But the warm weather would be nice 🙂

  3. Poor little Jude! Bad ants!!

  4. oh i am SO NERVOUS about that happening!! we didn’t have fire ants in PA but now that we are back in TX, im sure ill have a similar experience…especially because both my kids LOVE to go outside without shoes on….not my choice!!

  5. awe! we hate ants here! don’t beat yourself up

  6. Looks itchy but a few ants never hurt anyone : )

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