Posted by: Tricia | February 23, 2011

The Writer

Elliott really enjoys writing his own books.  I find this so interesting because I hated to do this kind of thing when I was a kid.  Here are his first two.  He drew the pictures (with the exception of one) and I wrote the words, verbatim, afterward.

The Story of Mommy & Daddy

Written & Illustrated By Elliott Keene Welch (except for the first page, drawn by Mommy)

Once upon a time Mommy and Daddy were walking.  They saw a beautiful, shining, gleaming, happy-face, gold…

church!  There was going to be a babysitter and babies there.  They were going to be just the right babies!

Then, there was a baby floating by on the basket.  The waves pounded the basket and the thunder.  And, the thunder striked the lightning.  The waves were as scary as the night.  The baby’s name is Elliott.

Then there was another baby coming on the basket.  There was no thunder or lightning.  It was day and it was always good.  The baby’s name is Jude.

Then there was another baby.  He was coming without a basket.  He was Maverick born.  And, the mommy and daddy always had beautiful children in their life!


David and I could not help but notice the stark contrast between the two babies, Elliott and Jude.  I’m sure a psychotherapist could dissect it and find some deep meaning from his decision to portray himself as being in a storm as scary as night, in contrast to Jude’s calm waters of the day that is always good.  We had a good laugh because that is exactly how it feels around here sometimes!

The Three Little Pigs

(Elliott’s version)

Once upon a time one of the three little pigs built a straw house.

Then the pig hid in his house.  He hid with his wagon for his toy.

Then the pig came out.

(Just art of what the wolf’s legs might be like.)

The big, bad wolf came along and gulped the pig up!




  1. These are great! I love seeing into kids’ minds.

  2. Grandpa Dave and I LOVED the stories. A lot of imagination and talent, that’s for sure! Very grateful to Elliott’s great mom for capturing these so we can cherish them forever.

  3. that is so adorable!

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