Posted by: Tricia | April 7, 2011


Elliott says funny things that have us laughing out loud nearly every day, but as he gets older and his vocabulary and pronunciation of words improves the adorable word mishaps are occurring less and less.  In fact, the other day while driving in the car, Elliott revealed to me that he knows how to correctly say some words that he’s always had trouble with.  I must admit that I was a little sad and proud all at once as he practiced saying his words very carefully.  Words like sister instead of stister and breakfast instead of brefist. I was proud that he was taking the time to work on getting it right, but a little sad that he is showing these signs of getting older and that these sweet idiosyncrasies of being a little kid are fading away before my very eyes.

Although he agrees that Elliott’s “isms” are cute, David is really quick to correct him, and set him straight.  I, however, find them endearing, a part of who he is.  So, I tend to keep quiet, and enjoy the not-so-perfect baby talk coming from my not-so-much-a-baby-anymore.

A perfect example of this happened the other night at a friend’s house where they served pita chips with hummus.  As he was chowing down, Elliott professed that they were the best pito chips ever! Rather than correcting him, I smiled and responded back with a positive, “Yes. These really are good pito chips!”  He was still raving about the chips as we were getting into the car.  I saw it coming, as if in slow motion.  David jumped right in to correct him.  But, before his attempts to eradicate the mistake were successful , I jumped in with a “Shhh….not that one.”  If such a thing as the grammar police existed, David would, no doubt, hold the position of deputy chief.  So, it was very sweet of him to oblige and let the offender walk away, without changing his ways.

The way I look at it, he’s got years and years of perfect grammar ahead of him!  He’s only going to be young and cute once…let’s let the boy live a little!


One evening I made taquitos and the recipe called for cumin.  I left the spice container sitting out on the counter and Elliott asked what it was.  I answered him and added that it was inside his taquito.  Licking his lips, he excitedly replied, “I like to eat human!”

Elliott took a math class at a nearby rec center a few months ago and it really helped him to become a lot more interested in numbers.  He’s constantly asking David and me things like, “What’s 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4….?”, and so on and so on.  And, we do our best to answer correctly!

He’s also starting to think about larger numbers like 56, and 586.  My favorite, is the number “eleventeen”.  Did you know such a number existed?  Well, in Elliott’s world it does!

As I was pulling into a Shell gas station to fill up, Elliott asked me “Why are there french fries on that sign?” while pointing to the Shell logo.  I’ve never thought about it before, but he’s right!  It sure does look a lot like french fries!

I’m always amazed at how observant Elliott is about people’s faces in books.  We were reading one book where the person in the story wasn’t supposed to be particularly unhappy, but Elliott noticed the man’s face and said, “He has a mad face on him.”  When I took a closer look, he did, in fact “have a made face on him”.  So cute.

It’s no secret that Elliott LOVES dinosaurs.  We’ve talked a lot about what the word extinct means, and we’ve also been talking a lot about endangered species.  So perhaps, he is trying to get the words straight in his mind. Anyway, after a recent trip to the zoo where we saw the new dinosaur exhibit he asked me again, “What does extinct mean?”  I told him, “It means that there are no more of them.  They all died.”  I always expect him to be sad about this.  But, this time he thought a little bit, and then very seriously said,

“Or, maybe it means they were stinky.”



  1. I totally agree to let it be. What is funny about this is about an hour ago I had a list going on paper of Nadia-isms to do a blog post next week. She is so articulate that I see more and more of them going bye bye so I just can’t bring myself to correct them.

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