Posted by: Tricia | May 9, 2011

1 Year Old


Where do I begin?  How can it be that a whole year has gone by since we first met you?  You have given us so much joy even from the very beginning.  Every day we fall more and more in love with you.  You have learned so many new things this year!

A few days ago you achieved your biggest milestone yet, WALKING!  4 days ago you took your first steps, unassisted.  You walked from one chair to another in the living room.  And, today, you are walking around the house like you’ve been doing it for months!  You are having so much fun exploring on 2 feet!  It’s still strange to see you come around the corner upright instead of on all fours.

As if walking and having your first birthday weren’t enough for one week, you also got 3 new teeth this week!  Two lower incisors and one of your upper 1 year molars.  Ouch!  You are handling it like a champ, though.  I didn’t even realize it until they had all broken through the gums.

You say “mama” and “dada” discriminately.  I have not done much sign language with you but I usually will remember to sign “all done” when you’re finished eating.  And, you will wave and utter a sound with the same inflection that I do.  A few days ago I was changing your diaper while you fussed.  Then you raised your hand, waved, and uttered your “all done” sound.  I’m pretty sure you were telling me that you wanted to be done with the diaper change!  You are so very smart.

You absolutely LOVE music!  Whenever you hear music you start swaying side to side and you usually clap.  You get the biggest smile on your face, too.  Your daddy and I hope that this means you will always be a lover of music.  Your favorite song to hear me sing is still The Itsty Bitsy Spider.  I can usually get you to look up and smile at the camera if I start singing it.

You have the cutest husky laugh and you’ve manged to keep your red hair.  We hope they both stay around for a while.

You are an incredible mimicker.  One day you and Daddy were eating a snack and he threw a piece of popcorn up in the air and caught it in his mouth.  You caught on quick and tried to do the same!  You love to shake your head “no” when you see us do it.  If we’ve told you not to touch something you will walk over to it and shake your head “no”…and then go ahead and touch it again.  Naughty boy.

Speaking of getting into things you aren’t supposed to…you are drawn to mischief, even more so than your big brother was at this age.  Your absolute favorite thing to do is to play in the toilet!  If we haven’t heard from you in a while we know right where to find you.  We are all trying to be better about closing the toilet lid after we’re through because you haven’t learned how to open them…yet!  You also love to get into Maverick’s water bowl, and you love baths!  You love all WATER! We hope that you will always love water and that you will love swimming, too.  Other things that you love to get into are the kitchen cabinets and drawers.  Most of them have child-proof locks on them now, but when I am cooking you are usually close by rummaging through the tupperware drawer.  You love to pull all of our books off the shelves and you love to play in the media cabinet.  The other day I heard a loud crash and came into your room to find that you had shaken your side table in your room so hard that the lamp came tumbling town on top of you.  You were not too happy about it, but that hasn’t stopped you from trying to do it again!

Since you’ve become mobile we have gotten creative about ways to keep you from getting into Elliott’s things.  Most of the time we try to encourage him to share with you or to give you a toy that he isn’t playing with.  But, sometimes, we have to agree with him.  It can be downright frustrating to have you getting into whatever it is he’s doing!  You want to be doing whatever he is doing and it is becoming harder and harder to distract you from getting what you want.  We all know that this season is short and that it won’t be long before you will understand how to better play with each other.  And, it won’t be long before you will start to learn the word “no”.  As much as I don’t want to see you grow up any more right now, one thing I am so anxious to see is you two brothers playing together on the same level.  I wish I could fast forward and see a glimpse of the future you two have as playmates and sweet brothers!

Some of your favorite things to play with are balls and cars.  We are amazed at how early on you learned to put balls or other objects into containers.  We are also amazed at how quickly you grasped the idea of rolling or pushing a car on its wheels.  You are not very interested in stuffed animals, but you really like books.  You also love to be outside.  I am so happy that you are walking now because crawling on the dirty ground and rough cement is no fun.  You love being in the sandbox with Elliott.  And, you love eating the sand even more.  I think you might be starting to get that sand does not taste or feel good in your mouth, so hopefully I will not have to watch you as closely anymore.

You still LOVE to eat!  You eat so, so much everyday!  You definitely eat more than Elliott.  Some of your favorite foods are scrambled eggs, waffles, blackberries, blueberries, oranges, yogurt, grilled cheese, pasta, meat (most any kind), sweet potatoes, beans (any kind), avocado, and cheese.  It took a little while, but you finally seem to love whole milk.  You are only nursing twice a day and I plan on weaning you all the way by the beginning of June.  You have done really well with weaning even though you absolutely love to nurse.  It feels so good to have achieved my goal of nursing you for one year and I will actually be sad to be done with it.  But, I suppose if you’re going to keep growing up I will go along with it 😉

You are just starting to be a little leery of strangers, but you are not throwing full out tantrums about it yet.  Some of your favorite people are Daddy, Elliott, Nonnie, and Grandma.  You get so excited to see all of them and your face really lights up.  But, your favorite person of all is still….ME!  You are such a mama’s boy and I love it.  I love that you need me and want me to be near at all times.  That’s what I’m for!

Jude, you are amazing.  We all think so.  And, we can’t wait to see what this next year brings for you.  We pray that you will grow more and more to be like Christ and that you will honor Him with your life, despite having imperfect parents to guide you along the way.  We pray that you will be a good brother and that you will put others’ needs ahead of your own.  And, we pray that you will delight in God’s word, that you will fear Him above man, and that you will delight in obeying your parents so that it may go well with you all of your days.

We love you to pieces!



  1. Happy Birthday Jude!!! What a delight you are!

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