Posted by: Tricia | July 13, 2011

Good Friends

“How rare and wonderful is that flash of a moment when we realize we have discovered a friend.” – William Rotsler

I remember meeting the Carmans for the first time and immediately feeling a connection with them.  Shelley and I were both pregnant with our first-borns, had both experienced the devastating loss of miscarriage, had a mutual friend, and we were naming our baby Elliott!  Shelley has a sweet spirit, a sincere concern for others, and loves the Lord with all her heart.  I am always encouraged by her when we’re together and truly enjoy every minute that we get to spend together.

They recently moved back to Texas, and we could not be happier!  A couple of weeks ago I took the boys over to see their new home (which is beautiful) and spend the day with them.  All 4 kids napped well giving Shelley and me a lot of one on one time to catch up.  It was wonderful!  Big Elliott and David joined us in the evening for swimming and a kid-free dinner.  It was such a fun day and we are so grateful for their friendship that will continue for many years to come, no doubt!

We played a good old-fashioned game of “Simon Says” in the yard before the heat got the best of us.  Emeryk wasn’t sure what he was doing but he knew he wanted to be where the big kids were.  And, check out Miss Clarity’s purse…never leave home without it!

Clarity lovingly doctored Elliott’s boo boo with band aids.  So sweet.

Elliott had no problem playing girly games with Clarity.  He spent much of the day prancing around the house in pink high heels,carrying a scepter, and wearing a tiara.  Somewhere along the way Clarity decided that they were going to get married.  And, that they did…both wearing a pair of high heels.  I officiated the wedding and there was a lot of dancing afterward.

I love watching these two grow older together and doing things like playing board games!

Serious Emeryk and those gorgeous baby blues.

Crazy Jude!

Sweet baby brother friends.  Recognize the chair?

It’s the same one seen here with these two lovebirds in 2008!

Suave studman, Emeryk.

The Carman’s neighborhood pool was awesome and a perfect place for an after dinner swim.

Check out this brave girl!  She did this over and over and over again!

Ahhhh!  There’s almost nothing better than ice cream before bed!

And, just for fun.  Here are the two big kids at our last play date in Fort Worth.

Still friends after so many years!  We love you, Carman family!  Thank you for letting us spend the day with you!!


  1. This is fantastic!!!

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