Posted by: Tricia | July 15, 2011

Are you my mother?

David spotted this sweet baby bluebird hanging out in the crook of a tree, not very far from the ground, in our front yard.  It first caught his attention because he saw it’s mother feeding it a worm.  It sat here for hours, downy feathers blowing with the breeze, watching, waiting.  We weren’t exactly sure how he got there.  Perhaps he fell from further up in the tree and landed there.  He didn’t appear to be hurt, but he looked too young to fly.  He let me get a few pictures of him and then we were both startled, him more than me, by the automatic sprinklers.  He clearly did not appreciate being sprayed.  Just when we’d given up all hope that he would be able to survive there for long, he mustered up enough courage to escape the sprinklers and fluttered to the ground.  The poor thing hopped around in the yard, this way and that, while the sprinklers blasted him with cold water from all sides.  I became a little consumed with the fate of our little bird friend and quickly realized that Elliott was beginning to get a little worried about what would happen to him, too.  I was able to lighten the mood by comparing him to the baby bird in our beloved  book, Are You My Mother?  Perhaps a scary snort would rescue him and put him back up in his nest.  We lost track of him later in the evening, but were pleasantly surprised to see him resting comfortably in his crook again this morning.  And, it appears that his mother has not forgotten him.  She fed him his breakfast before flying off…I’m sure she had some errands to run.


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