Posted by: Tricia | August 10, 2011

9 Years

July and August are always a busy time of year for us.  We celebrated our anniversary, my birthday, and Elliott’s birthday all within two weeks!  And, as always, I am way behind on my blogging because of it.  But, I’m determined to catch up on all the fun we’ve been having around here!

July 20, 2011 – Celebrating 9 years of marriage!

On July 20 David and I celebrated 9 years of marriage!  Wow!  We are getting so close to a decade.  My mom and Dave graciously agreed to watch the boys so that we could go out for dinner that night and they kept them overnight a few days later so that we could celebrate a night away at a B&B . At dinner we had a lovely evening and talked a lot about…parenting!  Yes.  We are that couple who went out for a grown-up dinner and spent the entire time talking about our kids.  It was good though. We had great conversation and really enjoyed the uninterrupted time to talk!

A few days later we drove to a B&B near Austin (a wonderful gift from my sweet friend, Cassie!).  On the way there we stopped at the Duchman Family Winery for a wine tasting and tour.  It was our first time doing this together and it was so much fun!

The B&B was a quaint little place and very relaxing.  There was even a cute little swing right outside our door! Once we got settled into our room we headed out to find a place to eat.

We took the advice from someone who worked at the B&B and ate at Marco’s…it’s a good thing that we decided on it before we looked around because it was just about the only place open for business on a Sunday night!  We were not disappointed.  It was fabulous!

Later on that evening we headed out to the pool.  It was dark by the time we decided to go for a swim and we were surprised to find out that there were no lights around the pool!  We took a quick dip in the pool before a bat stopped by for a drink and scared us out of the water.  Then we sat on the lounge chairs, talked, and did some star gazing.  I forget how amazing the sky is away from the city.

The next morning we were served breakfast on our patio.  What a treat to not have to make breakfast, and to enjoy it alone with my sweet husband!

Just above where we sat for breakfast was a nest of 3 baby sparrows.  If you look closely you can see their dark heads and yellow beaks.  Adorable, right?  The mother sparrow would swoop in quickly, feed a baby, and swoop out.  If you weren’t watching you’d miss it…she was fast!  Then, she’d leave for a bit and come back with a bite for the next babe.  I loved how the babies would start chirping as soon as they sensed their mother was near, before we could even see her.

It was a wonderful weekend spent with my best friend!  How blessed I am to be married to such an incredible man.  He nurtures me, challenges me, makes me laugh, and adores me to the fullest.  I am not deserving of his kindness, but am so very glad that God chose us to be together.  And, I am looking forward to many more years of celebrating with him!



  1. This is fantastic!!!! Great shots of both of you and the B&B seems really pretty!

  2. I am so glad you had a good time! Love you both!

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