Posted by: Tricia | August 11, 2011


This year I turned 31. I cannot believe I am that old. I have several friends that agree that even though we are college graduates, wives, and mothers, we still do not feel like grown-ups…much less 31 year olds!!  *Sigh*  Oh well, what difference does age make as long as you are enjoying life to the fullest right?

My birthday was a happy day spent with my beloved family.  Being an only child and having a summer birthday it was easy for my parents to make a big deal of my birthday and indulge me all day long.  Even in my adult life my friends and family have always gone out of their way to make my day special.  This year was no different, except for the first time ever I spent most of my (birth) day doing what I do every day.  David did make a point of telling me that I would have no business cooking any meals that day, but I changed dirty diapers, wiped dirty faces, played on the floor, and settled disputes just like any other ordinary day.  It was wonderful.  It was ordinary with a few embellishments to make the day special.

The boys and I had lunch at Schlotzsky’s (my choice!) with David.

It was at lunch that I received a new iphone from David.  Well, the real thing came in the mail later that day, but I got the point when I opened the gift.

Later that evening Rebecca and Katie treated me to dinner at Yucatan Taco Stand.  It was delicious as always, but the live band made it somewhat hard to hear each other.  So, we headed over to Menchie’s for some dessert! It was so, so good to have some time out with good friends!

A few days later my mom took me shopping!!!  I may be wrong but I don’t think the two of us had been shopping alone, without kids, since before Elliott was born.  It was absolutely wonderful!  We had the best time and it will be a memory that we both treasure forever.  Plus, she is the best shopping partner!

31, bring it on!  So far I am enjoying you very much.



  1. FUN! I am so happy you had a such a great day!

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