Posted by: Tricia | August 11, 2011

Dinosaur Valley

In early June (I am waaaay behind!!) we had the privilege of spending the weekend in Glen Rose with the Welches to celebrate Pop and Grandmother’s 60th wedding anniversary.  While we were there we left Jude at the hotel with Nonnie and went to Dinosaur Valley with Uncle James & Aunt Libby!  Glen Rose is only 1 hr and 30 minutes away and Elliott goes crazy for dinosaurs but we hadn’t made the trip out there yet.  We knew about this trip for months in advance and Elliott could not wait to get there to see the dinosaurs!!!

We hiked down to the water to check out some dinosaur tracks.

A meat-eater’s footprint!  Elliott’s favorite!


Elliott loved reading the informational signs.  He’s always been like this…I surely never was.  I love that he loves to learn.  It makes going to places like this even more fun.

It was really hot, and I think Elliott expected to see more dinosaurs than footprints, but it was still a good trip.  Perhaps we will have to go back later when he’s older and camp within the state park.

We had lots of time at the hotel to visit with family.

Elliott can not get enough of Aunt Sue when we are with her.  She showers him with undivided attention and plays…really plays with him nonstop!  We all adore her!

We also had a lot of fun playing in the hotel pool.

On the evening of Pop and Grandmother’s anniversary we had a sweet time of gift giving and story telling with them.   I’m just sad to say that I didn’t get a picture of the happily married couple!



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