Posted by: Tricia | August 11, 2011

Vacation Bible School x 2!!

After last year’s space-themed VBS at our church Elliott has not stopped talking about how much fun he had!  He could not wait to find out what this year would be about.  Imagine how thrilled he was to discover that the theme would be the Jonah and the sea!  The people who built the set for the stage, complete with a fantastically realistic “pirate” ship, did an amazing job!  This year was a big deal because he actually got to rotate rooms like the other kids because he was in the 4 year old class.  I helped teach the 5 year old class so it was fun to also be able to see Elliott enjoying himself throughout the day, too.

Waiting to go inside on the last day

With his teacher, Ms. Katie

Everyday he went on and on about how much fun he had at VBS.  His favorite part of the day was story time and snack time!  He also made some really neat crafts.  Here are some quotes from his teachers:

Elliott is so precocious!

We were amazed at how quickly he learned the Bible verse.  When we forget a word we look at Elliott to remind us!

He had everyone cracking up during story time when asked about the Ninevites.  He said that they were very bad people who hit people over their heads with fishes!

Because Elliott enjoyed VBS so much I asked him if he would like to attend another VBS at our neighbor’s church.  It was no surprise that he said “Yes!”.  I love that Elliott is so confident about being with people he doesn’t know.  It really makes it easy to drop him off in unfamiliar places.  He walked right in and took a seat where they told him to on the first day.

Elliott especially loved music time, game time, and the crafts at Pandamania VBS.  Everyday he came home with a new “Bible buddy” prize and couldn’t wait to see what the next day would bring.  On the last day of VBS I stayed for a while and watched him during the beginning music time.  I was shocked that he actually sang and danced because he did nothing of the sort at our church’s VBS!  Both churches sang most of the same mix of songs so I’m guessing that he finally felt comfortable enough with the music that he decided to give it a go!

With one of his teachers at Pandamania VBS, Miss Bridget

Here are some things his teachers had to say about him:

Elliott is so artistic!  Do you have an artist in your family?  He colors in the lines so well!

Elliott is a good listener (two separate teachers said this to me!  What???) He never sits down, but he always does what he’s asked to do.

Of course Elliott is still talking about VBS and wondering what next year will bring! Here are a few video clips I put together from both churches.


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