Posted by: Tricia | August 12, 2011

Captain Elliott’s Pirate Party

It’s no secret that Elliott LOVES pirates!  So, what better way to celebrate his 4th birthday than with a pirate party!!!  I seriously had no idea how big of a deal pirates are right now.  We could not have timed it any better!  Hobby Lobby, the Target dollar spot, the dollar store, the party store, and had tons of pirate things to choose from.

We ordered a lot of what we needed for favors from and Elliott was super excited to open the box when it arrived.  I have fun memories of filling up the favor bags before my birthday parties so I was excited to see that Elliott really enjoyed helping with it, too!

A treasure box for every pirate!

Jude really “oohed and aaahed” at all of the party decorations.  These were strategically placed just out of his reach though he never gave up on trying to pull one down.

A pirate party wouldn’t be complete without lots of jolly rogers!


As it turns out, we are in the middle of a heatwave here in Texas.  August is usually hot, but with temperatures soaring over 100 degrees for more than a month I knew we were going to have to keep the party inside most of the morning.  I thought these lights and paper lanterns brought a little life to our dimly lit living room.  We were going for the “party on a ship deck” look.

The invitations were out, the guests had responded, the favor bags were filled, the food was prepared, the decorations were put in place!  There was only one thing left to do….PARTY like a PIRATE!!

As the crew arrived they each decorated their own pirate hat.

Sweet Ella in her pink pirate hat!

Then we all headed outside for a few games while the weather was still cool below 100 degrees.  First up, “Walk the Plank”!  I found this idea online and it turned out to be a big hit!

Bennett shows off his plank-walking skills.  Don’t fall in or you’ll get wet!

Each pirate received an eye patch as a prize for walking the plank.

Next up, “Dig, Matey, dig!”.

Each little pirate got a turn to dig for 4 coins buried in the sand!

The kids played for a while outside and got very, very sweaty!  Some even decided to take a dip in the pool!

After that we all headed inside for a few more games.  First, we played musical islands.  Everyone received a map when they got out of the game.

We also played the pirate’s version of hot potato,  pass the cannonball!

Then, it was time to eat!  On the menu: Octopus (weenies), pirate swords (breadsticks) with dipping sauce, cannonballs (grapes & watermelon), and shark bait (goldfish).

After their tummies were full it was time for some CAKE!  My mom has made all of Elliott’s birthday cakes (and mine), and I think she outdoes herself every year.  I mean, seriously?  Is this not the coolest pirate ship cake you have ever seen?  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!  And, it did not disappoint.  Everyone was in awe of it…and it tasted great, too!

4 birthday cannon candles!  So cute!!

In the past we’ve always waited to open gifts until after the party is over.  But, last year as his friends were leaving, I overheard more than one of them mutter, “But, he didn’t open my gift!”.  It didn’t occur to me until then that these little guys are getting to the age where they have a lot of fun choosing gifts for their friends and they want to see them opened.  We took the idea from Louanne to have the gift giver sit next to the birthday boy.  That way they were already posed for pictures and they got a front row seat to see their gift being opened.  This worked so well and I’m sure it will be a tradition that lasts for many years.

Check out all of this pirate booty!

This party was so much fun!  It was fun to plan and fun to watch the birthday boy and his friends enjoy themselves.  When I asked Elliott what his favorite part of the party was he said, “The CAKE!!”.   I was sure that he would be too wound up for a nap due to the excitement of the party and the anticipation of playing with his new toys.  But, I was wrong!  Talk about a perfect day!

Now, off with you, Scallywags…until next year!



  1. We had SO MUCH FUN!! You did such a great job. Nadia talked about the cake for 2 days!

  2. Aw, that looks like a super awesome party! I’ve discovered my inner party planner recently, and plans are already in the works for my boys’ next parties… which aren’t until NEXT year, but oh well!

  3. Or should I have said, “Arrrr, ye party be awesome, matey!”

  4. Wow, I am seriously impressed. Looks like you threw a great party!

  5. Tricia, everything was soooo much fun and the decorations and details were so cute! I’m so glad our crew got to come! Super fun day!

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