Posted by: Tricia | August 19, 2011

A pirate & a princess

The Princess & the Pirate before lunch

Clarity presented Elliott with a pirate activity book at his party along with this oh-so-sweet invitation to a pirate/princess lunch at Long John Silver’s.  We were all super excited for the day when it arrived!

The letter.  Could this be any cuter?

Mmmmm. I mean, Arrrrrr!

They were so cute sitting together at a booth all by themselves.  It looks like I do need to work with Elliott on his manners though.  I took two pictures of them here, both of which he had an open mouth full of food.  Nice.  And, at one point Shelley and I overheard Elliott say to Clarity, “You sure are doing good on your food, Clarity!”  Hmmm.  I guess this lil’ pirate doesn’t understand that it isn’t polite to point out the quantity of food that a lady chooses to consume.

I thought this picture was perfect.  The ever-so-sweet princess and her unruly pirate.

Thank you, to the princess and her mommy for such a wonderful treat!  We will always treasure the memories!


  1. Great post! I need to just copy it right onto mine. We had such a great time and I can’t wait to make more memories! My favorite was Elliott complimenting her on her eating. Too cute.

  2. How cute, adorable, and clever!!!!

  3. I loved the invite and that you have follow up photos. Precious!

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