Posted by: Tricia | August 23, 2011

Celebrating the day

I think Elliott is finally starting to understand the difference between a birthday and a birthday party.  I can’t blame him…it’s confusing!  This year we had his birthday party the day before his birthday.  I kept telling him how cool it was that he was having his 4th birthday party on his last day of being a 3 year old, and he agreed!

The next day, he woke up a 4 year old!  He was greeted by our traditional birthday streamers in the hall doorway, followed by a trip to the donut shop with Daddy.

He opened his gift from us at breakfast.  Hooray!  “Big boy” LEGOS!

After Jude’s morning nap we were treated to a trip to the museum with Nonnie.  Her gift to Elliott was a year-long membership to the museum!  I am super excited about this one!  While we were there she let Elliott choose a gift from the gift shop.  He chose a set of miniature knights with a dragon…one of his latest obsessions.  (Something tells me I won’t be surprised if we have a Knight birthday party next year!)

We were also treated to lunch at Pei Wei, Elliott’s choice!

And what better way to celebrate turning 4 than with candy pancakes for dinner from Cafe Brazil?  Sweet!  And, what’s even sweeter is that kids eat free Sunday-Thursday at Cafe Brazil.  Cha-ching!

David and the boys.

The boys and me.  I love that Jude can hold hands now.  It’s a lot less work for me!

What a fun day we had celebrating our 4 year old!



  1. we love you elliott!!!

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