Posted by: Tricia | August 23, 2011


E: While I was napping I did something HORRIBLE!!

T: (Trying to maintain composure, wondering what in the world he could have done) What did you do?

E:  I dropped a booger in my eye!

T:  (Relieved.) Oh, no!  What did you do then?

E:  I went like this (shaking finger wildly) to get it off!


E: (Holding a slice of cheese in between his two hands) I’m having a “hand and cheese sandwich” for snack!


E: (Sighing heavily after Jude destroyed, yet another building project he was working on) Sometimes it’s hard having a brother in your life.

T:  But, aren’t you glad you have one?

E:  Yeah.

T: (Big Smile)



  1. ha ha!!

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