Posted by: Tricia | October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

I was thrilled when my friend, Louanne, invited us to join them for the Mainstay Farm pumpkin patch home school day.  She said that she totally thought we qualified because of everything I’m teaching Elliott at home!  Ha!  Love her for that!  Anyway, we had never been to this patch and I must say that it did not disappoint.  It was really different from the one we usually visit and much closer to home.

One of the first things we did upon arriving was make our very own scarecrow!  Isn’t he great?  Elliott was really proud of himself for putting on the boots all by himself.

Jude, a.k.a. junior mountaineer, found this climbing apparatus right away.  He preferred to stay on the ramp rather than using the slide at the top to get down.

Elliott had loads of fun climbing on the hay and jumping down!

I thought it was very brave of the patch people to include a marshmallow roasting pit in their list of things to do.  If the hot coals paired with tons of kids running around aren’t scary enough, add to that about 50 long metal poles with sharp prongs!  Yikes.  I’m glad we didn’t stay here for too long.  I was just sure that Jude was going to fall in the pit and that Elliott was going to poke someone’s eyes out with his fork!  Despite my nervousness, he loved this!  Who doesn’t love a toasted marshmallow?  Yum!

After our marshmallow dessert we stopped for lunch.

Then after being on our own for a while we caught up with the Masons at the top of the hill where more fun and adventure awaited us.  Elliott and Nadia always have the best time playing together.  Their imaginations are perfect for each other.  Here they are making their best pirate faces on the “pirate ship”.

While the “bigs” played pirates the “littles” took care of important driving matters.

Jude & Amelie

I was really not happy that Elliott chose to make such an ugly frowny face for this group shot on Louanne’s camera, but wanted to include it anyway because I dropped the ball and forgot to get any pictures of the three of us while we were there.

We said “goodbye” to our friends and made our way over to the giant wooden maze. I must admit that after a while of wandering around and running into several dead ends I was a little worried that we might never find our way out.  Then we saw a tower that you could climb up and look down on the maze from above.  Elliott climbed up, looked around and said, “I’ve got it, Mommy!  First you go right, then left, then right, then you’re out!”  I smiled when a big kid up there with him said, “Wow!  You know your lefts and rights!”  I guess all that “homeschooling” is paying off because Elliott was right!  He showed us the way out, and was right about his “rights and lefts”!  I told him he saved the day!

Hooray!  The end is in sight!

A trip to the pumpkin patch would not be complete without some pictures with the pumpkins!

This year Elliott wins the award for being the most cooperative!  One of these days these boys are going to both sit still long enough at the same time for me to get a decent picture of them together!  But, for now, I will take what I can get!

Unlike the other patches we’ve been to we had to pay to get into this one.  But, on the other hand, we also got to pick out a few pumpkins to take home with us.  Not a bad deal I suppose.

The boys played a bit and acted silly while we waited for the tractor trailer to take us on a ride.

Lands, it was BUMPY!  Needless to say, I didn’t have a free hand to take a lot of photos on the ride but the boys really enjoyed it.  Jude bounced up and down the whole time in his seat, loving every bump and hating that I was keeping him from walking around.  And, Elliott maintained a death grip on the railing, paired with a big smile on his face!

The tractor driver was very informative.  Did you know that the size of a pumpkin depends on how many time a bee pollinates it?  The number of ridges on a pumpkin will tell you how many times it’s been pollinated.  Cool, huh?

I snapped this picture just before asking Elliott to “please put the pumpkin down so that he didn’t drop it on his brother’s head.”  We didn’t survive fire pits, marshmallow roasting weapons, and nearly falling off a tractor trailer only to leave the pumpkin patch with a broken-headed baby!

We had so much fun that I’m thinking we’ve got plenty of time left in October to visit another patch.  Next time perhaps we’ll have to bring Daddy along, though!  See you soon, pumpkins!!



  1. it was so fun! They had so much going on. Maybe next year Elliott will join Nadia on the jump pillow – she could have stayed on that all day!

    love our little pirates and little drivers.

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