Posted by: Tricia | December 7, 2011

PJs and Books!!

PJs and books!  Who doesn’t love both of them…especially combined!  Louanne typically hosts our annual PJ Christmas party and book gift exchange, but she has a lot on her plate right now so we were happy to fill in to keep the tradition going!  Can I just say what an awesome tradition this has become?  Play group is really a thing of the past.  With multiple kiddos in each family and crazy schedules we rarely get together as a large group any more.  It was so much fun to have all of the kids together under one roof again for something like this.

Elliott helped me do a little baking beforehand.

We made these santa hat brownies that I found here via Pinterest.  Ours didn’t turn out quite as cute, but they still tasted wonderful!

Jude did a little reading beforehand…probably anxious to receive a new book!

Sweet Katie and sweet Oliver (not hers, but very cuddly nonetheless!)

The kids played while the mommies had time to talk!  This is what play group is all about, right?  Then it was time for lunch!

Here are the sweet girls.  They all ended up at a table together!  And, needless to say, theirs was much quieter and more civilized than the boys.

The boys’ table minus Jonathan and baby Aston.  You can’t tell by the picture, but they were ROWDY!!

Sweet friends ready to open presents!

The big kids drew a number first and waited for their turn to choose a book.  And, no we do not even think about doing it as a Chinese gift exchange!!  Many tears would be shed if one were allowed to steal from another!!

Then, it was time for the younger kiddos to choose.  It was so cute to watch each kid’s eyes light up when they opened their book.  We all love books!!

The tradition wouldn’t be complete without the group photo.

For fun, here are the photos from the last 2 years.  For some reason I can’t come up with the one from the first year we did it.



So. Much. Fun!  Can’t wait for next year!!!



  1. WOO HOO!! Thanks for hosting. It made my heart SO HAPPY that we didn’t miss this year. It has grown to be an event that I adore. And this year it seemed like everyone had such good books and quite a big selection.

    Those Santa hats were delish!

  2. What a fantastic day – this is such a great tradition!!!

    A whole GIRLS table! Wow things have changed:)

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