Posted by: Tricia | January 27, 2012

Say “ah”

Let’s just say that the dentist is not Elliott’s favorite place now.  He went when he was two and they did an exam, but after going through the x-rays and cleaning last month he will not at all be excited to go back again.  He was traumatized by the x-rays, then had to do them again because they accidentally deleted the files.  I know how bad those film cards hurt when you bite down and it broke my heart to see him trying to fight through it with tears streaming down his face.  The tech kept saying “open. now close! No, open. Close!”  Sheesh, even I was confused about what he should be doing.  Finally I told him to open up as wide as he could while she inserted the film then told him to bite down on it like he was a meat-eating dinosaur catching its prey and to not let go.  That worked.  I am amazed that he actually did it considering how strong-willed he is and how much I knew he didn’t want to be doing it.  The cleaning didn’t go much better.  He hated it.  I had to hold his hands down because he kept putting them up on the hygienist’s.  She was also getting pretty peeved because he almost bit her a couple of times.  Oops.  I must say that I think the staff could have been a little more patient and creative with their strategies to get young children to cooperate.  Perhaps they don’t see as many 4 year-olds as school-aged children.  But, the dentist we see is great and I think we’ll continue using their office despite a somewhat traumatic experience for Elliott.  I was really happy with how nice his teeth looked after the cleaning.  The girl did a great job removing some stains that I though were permanent.  And, Elliott is cavity free!  Hooray…that’s over for at least 6 months!

Pitiful picture!  Notice his hands ready to grab hers!

Happy it’s over…little did we know he was about to have to repeat the dreaded x-rays!!



  1. This is about how I imagine our story will go with Caleb. I’m dreading it. Do you take him to a pediatric dentist? I’m surprised they weren’t more patient.

  2. Ian will be going to the dentist for the first time soon. And I suppose Seth could go, too, we just got family dental coverage. Some insurance won’t cover pediatric dentists, but I’m gonna check… I don’t like the dentist either, so hoping for some kid-friendliness to help us cope, too!

  3. Poor Elliott. Nadia thinks the xrays are uncomfortable too. I dread when it’s Amelie’s turn.

  4. PS. We got to Dr. Doss off of Bryant Irvin and they are great.

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