Posted by: Tricia | February 18, 2012

Happy 31st, Daddy!

Last year David had the flu on his birthday and missed out on a lot of celebrating but this year we managed to make up for it.  We had a much needed night out with friends the day after, but the day of his birthday was spent with just our little family.  Being a work day we had to squeeze in our celebrating when we could but we still had fun making Daddy feel special!

It’s silly, but it has become tradition for our little family to wear birthday hats and sing “Happy Birthday” at breakfast the morning of someone’s birthday.  We also usually splurge and bake cinnamon rolls.  Mmm, mmm!

Jude-man slept in and missed the birthday party, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying a cinnamon roll after he woke up!

So happy I made this guy and that it gets used every few months!  I usually leave it up for a few days because it makes me happy 😉

After breakfast David headed off to work and we worked on making birthday cards.  We got him his favorite Subway sandwich and picked him up at his office for a picnic lunch at the park.  Gotta love January in Texas!

It was a little windy under the pavilion so we moved to a new table in the sun.

What a fun time we had celebrating with our favorite Daddy!  We love you!!!



  1. Ha! Thanks for the cinnamon roll reminder! John is at the store right now so I called to have him pick some up! I wanted to do something special for bfast on Ian’s birthday. We also have a banner that Lydia made us, it is awesome!

    Happy 31, Dave! I’ll hit mine here in a few weeks!

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