Posted by: Tricia | March 18, 2012

Dinosaur World

After last summer’s trip to Glen Rose we promised Elliott that we would return soon for a special day trip to Dinosaur World. We had seen it from the road but didn’t go inside.  And, what made it even better was that we scored cheaper admission tickets through!

This place really was awesome and it exceeded my expectations by far.  We toured their museum first but I forgot to take pictures.  Elliott was really interested in reading about all of the fossils inside.  He probably would have spent an hour in there if we had had the time.  But, we were trying to hurry through so that we could go back outside to get in line for the fossil dig.

Each kid could dig for and collect as many fossils as they wanted but they could only take 3 home.

Naturally, Elliott absolutely loved getting to be a paleontologist!

We spent some time playing on the playground.  This place really did have it all!

Finally, it was time to see the dinosaurs!  Elliott was beyond excited and practically ran from one to the next.

He wanted to stop and read each sign.  This boy can never get too much information about dinosaurs.  He LOVES them!

More than once Elliott correctly identified an obscure dinosaur before we read him the sign.  Here he is with the Ceratosaurus.  When I asked him how he knew what it was he said, “because it was the only meat-eater with a horn.”  Smart boy.

He was happy to oblige when I asked him to tell me about this dinosaur.  He loves to “teach”.  It looks like he’s reading the sign in the video, but we hadn’t even talked about the sign yet.  He’s simply stating the facts that he wanted to share!

What an incredibly fun family day!  I never dreamed that I would grow to love dinosaurs or learn as much about them as I have.  What a joy to be a mom to this precious boy and to experience new things in the world because of him.


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