Posted by: Tricia | March 18, 2012

Jude’s Puzzle

I have been trying to get Jude interested in puzzles for quite some time now.  It’s one of the many ways that he is different from Elliott.  He is much too busy of a boy to want to sit down and focus on a silly thing like a puzzle!  That is until about a month or so ago!  He definitely has his favorites and likes to stick to them, but a puzzler he is at last!  Hooray, Jude!  You are an amazing boy and I am so proud of you!

This puzzle happens to be his favorite and every time he finishes it he quickly points to and names all of the animals…”go-go, Tuck, kitty, duck, that, moo, fish, puppy, bunny.”

In case you’re wondering, he refers to the guinea pig lovingly as “go-go” because he adores the show Wonder Pets in which they sing “GOOOO, Wonder pets!”  See?  It makes perfect sense 😉  And, Tuck is the name of the turtle in the same show.  Since this video was taken he has learned to say “urtle” and occasionally he’ll say “orse” or “neigh” for horse instead of “moo”.  “That” of course, is what he named the lizard.


  1. Aw, so fun! Seth is my puzzle man, too. Ian has never really been into them. Seth calls puzzle “sezzoo” not to be confused with “sezzie” which is pizza.

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