Posted by: Tricia | May 10, 2012


Sometime last year David and I decided that we could really use a vacation.  My darling husband does not share my penchant for “needing to get away” but it didn’t take much convincing to get him to agree that would not have many more opportunities for such a trip in the near future.  Our budget is still somewhat tight these days but with the help of my mom’s hotel points and a few extra shifts on my part we were able to make it happen.

I am so very glad that we did.  It was a much needed break from our busy life with the boys, and it was so incredible to have so much time just the two of us.

We chose to go to San Diego, a place we had both been before, but not together. Although we did do some sight seeing the primary goal of this trip was to relax!  And, lots and lots of relaxing we did!

I think it was the first day that David commented to me, “You are actually laughing at my jokes!”  I told him that’s what happens when I can actually pay attention because he doesn’t have two other little persons to compete with!  I had forgotten how funny he is and he definitely enjoyed the recognition.

David on the patio for breakfast at our hotel

Outside the San Diego Botanic Gardens

We kept noticing how strange a lot of the flowers and plants were around town, and how much they resemble many of the drawings in Elliott’s Dr. Seuss books.  Come to find out, Dr. Seuss lived in La Jolla for much of his life!  No wonder…

These strange, but beautiful, plants were outside of the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Since we got free admission to the museum with our FW membership we paid the extra to see the Titanic exhibit.  They didn’t allow cameras inside, but it was really neat.

We tried to avoid doing many kid-friendly activities since we were kid free for once, but we couldn’t help but want to check out the Birch Aquarium.

They had a room devoted entirely to seahorses.  It was so cool and we both couldn’t help but wish that the boys were with us to see it!

Incredible view of some beach front in La Jolla from the outdoor deck of the aquarium.

Even though our trip was at the end of February temperatures in San Diego are usually consistently mild.  However, while we were there they were experiencing some unusually cooler than normal weather.  It was rainy a lot of the time and I wished that I had packed a heavier jacket.  In fact, I think it was warmer in Fort Worth while we were away!  With the cooler temps and rain came big waves,  unfortunately.  And due to the big swells, our whale watching tour that I purchased as a Groupon was canceled.  So, we opted for a harbor cruise instead.  Our particular tour was packed with people and I think we won the award for being the youngest and the best English-speakers aboard!  Even if we were dorks for doing it, we were still able to get on a boat and see things we wouldn’t have otherwise!

Pretty buildings on the harbor

We didn’t know about this awesome museum before we happened upon it, otherwise we totally would have toured it!  We sent this picture to Elliott because he is such a lover of all things pirate-like!

Of course we couldn’t visit San Diego without enjoying some yummy fried seafood!

Our last full day in SD we ventured over to Coronado island to rent some bikes.  Had we known this place was going to be so incredibly beautiful we would have gone earlier in our trip and rented the bikes for longer.

This was so much fun!  If we’d had more than an hour with our bikes we totally would have stayed at the beach to enjoy the view for longer.

The famous Hotel del Coronado

View of downtown San Diego from Coronado Island

For our last dinner out before flying out the next morning we chose to return to Coronado Island.  The food was fantastic and the view was even better!  David and I still found things to talk about after being alone for 4 days!  It was amazing to have so many uninterrupted conversations with my best friend.

Our hotel

One last photo before heading to the airport!

Thank you especially to my mom and David’s mom for sharing the responsibility of watching the boys so that we could enjoy this much needed babymoon!  With Benjamin on the way, bringing our total kids to three, I am sure that it will be many, many years before we are able to take another trip like this.  What an amazing opportunity…one that we will never forget!!


  1. Looks like you two lovebirds had a great time 🙂 I’m glad you got away, just the two of you, before the new baby. We are planning to do that this summer too, and we are excited.. but I am a little sad to leave the kids too, haha.

  2. You two look great, and I’m so glad that you were able to do something special before Benjamin joins your lovely family! Miss you!

  3. I love this!!! Such wonderful photos. I am glad you guys were able to do this.

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