Posted by: Tricia | May 16, 2012

Stock Show 2012

This post is old, old, old….I am trying to catch up!

One of the perks of having a museum membership is that we get free admission to the stock show.  Our first attempt at going as a family failed due to a sick Jude so I decided to take them out by myself one day while David was away on a business trip.  We had so much fun!

We wandered through the animal barns for a while.  I always feel like such a city girl amongst all of the cowboys and ropers hanging out grooming their stock.  Elliott couldn’t get over just how many cows there were.  Barns and barns of cows.

The pigs were great.  Elliott was surprised to learn that they are hairy!

This giant tractor was a big hit.

And, Elliott got to ride a pony for the first time!

The petting zoo was so much fun and probably Jude’s favorite part.  He is such an animal-lover and wanted to pet each and every one of them!

We went all out and got ourselves some cotton candy!

Finally, we arrived to the much anticipated midway!  Elliott was beyond excited to get started riding the rides.

First up, he chose this obstacle course.  I was a little worried that he would get to the top and refuse to slide down, but he assured me that he wanted to do it.  Sure enough, he got to the slide and stopped.  15 kids must have gone in front of him before I decided to poke my head in the bottom of the slide and yell up some words of encouragement.  He is a stubborn boy so I was very surprised that he actually took the plunge and slid down.  And, “it was fun”, he said!

He also chose to ride this mini train.

And, the three of us rode the big spinning bear together.

Poor Jude was quite upset every time Elliott got to ride a ride without him.  He was too small to go without me and frankly, at $3 a ride per person, I didn’t want to shell out $9 for every ride!  The operator at the last ride Elliott chose felt sorry for our little go-getter and “illegally” allowed him to ride without me and with his big brother.  Even if he was breaking some rules I thought it was sweet.

We had so much fun at the Stock Show, but the fun wasn’t over yet because from there we headed over to In and Out for dinner.  It was our first ever visit to an In and Out not located in California and they did not disappoint.

Clearly, it was a fun day for all!

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