Posted by: Tricia | May 29, 2012

Picture perfect

Sweet Jude.  He was nearly two before I thought to let him have a go at painting with brushes on the easel.  I think Elliott was much younger.  Such is the plight of a second child, I suppose.  So much of what I did, and still do with Elliott is very intentional.  Jude is content to play on his own and I although this is very much wanted and needed, I find that I am forgetting to create opportunities for him to experience things.  Ah, well!  He has a wonderful life and will experience many wonderful things in due time I suppose.

As for his first attempt at painting?  It went perfectly!  I was afraid that I would be chasing this little rough and tumble boy all over the house with a wet paintbrush in his hand!  Not so!  He went straight to work when I got everything ready.  He was very careful to put the brushes back in the cups that they started in and he was so meticulous about his painting!  He very carefully dabbed the paint instead of smearing it or using long brush strokes.  The finished product is adorable…a piece I will treasure forever!  At one point I asked him what he was painting…a bug??  He said “yes”, and pointed at that big blob on the lower left of the painting.  He worked very hard, dabbing away at the “bug” with different colors.  Several times I asked him if he was all done and he would quickly respond “no”.  After about 20 minutes or so (I thought he’d last 3!) he decided that his masterpiece was finished.

The finished product!  A one of a kind work of art if you ask this proud mama!



  1. it’s wonderful!! Go Jude!

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