Posted by: Tricia | November 18, 2012


On August 2nd Elliott turned FIVE!  We started the day off with our traditional birthday streamers in the hallway and a donut breakfast of champions!  Elliott proudly sported his “Today I am 5” birthday ribbon all morning at vacation Bible school and then it was time to party!

The timing of Elliott’s birthday and the arrival of Benjamin made this year tough.  We debated and debated about whether or not to throw Elliott a big party as we have done in the past.  Ultimately we decided that because Benjamin’s birthday was out of our control that it would be best to do something somewhat low key this year.  Thankfully, Nonnie gifted him with a trip to Medieval Times which is in no way, low key! This awesome gift paired with a party at his favorite restaurant, Pizza Inn, complete with cake, friends, and presents, made for a fantastic birthday celebration!

We were shocked at how many people came to the party!  Everyone had a great time…especially the coolest 5 year old there!  And,  the cake was sheer awesomeness, made by Grandma, of course.

 A family of 5 for a whole 9 days!!

Back at home it was time for gifts from Grandma and Mom and Dad!  When Elliott opened this cowboy outfit one of the first things he said was, “I know what I’m going to be for Halloween!”.  I love his decisiveness!

His very own camera!

He’s had a lot of fun taking silly pictures like this one with it.

What 5-year-old boy wouldn’t be super excited about this really cool firehouse from Grandma?

Later on Nonnie showed up with a very special gift.  She always takes the time to make the package special, too.

Inside? A new knight costume to wear to Medieval Times!!!

It was a great day spent celebrating a great kid!  And, to finish it out we let the birthday boy choose a place for dinner.  Everyone was pleased when he picked Pei Wei!  Love, love, love this boy to pieces!  Slow down, Mr. Man.  You are getting too old, too fast!



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