Posted by: Tricia | January 18, 2013

On guard!

Elliott began asking for a “knight party” just about the time his 4-year old pirate party wrapped up!  When it became apparent that Benjamin would be arriving so close to Elliott’s birthday I realized that there was no way I wanted to try to pull off an elaborate party at our house. So, when Nonnie called to ask me if I thought he would enjoy a trip to Medieval Times for his birthday I told her that she could not have picked a more perfect gift!  We decided to allow him to bring along 2 friends to make it feel more like a party.  He quickly decided on Ethan and Elijah!  Grandma and Grandpa Dave came along for the fun, too.  I think half the fun of the trip for Elliott was getting to ride in the car with friends.  It was so cute to see and hear the boys interacting in the back seat.

Three little knights giddy with excitement about seeing a real knight tournament!


Finally there and ready to go in!


In awe of the castle


I got lots and lots of stares, having a 12-day-old baby riding in my wrap!


For as long as I can remember Elliott’s favorite color has been red.  So, you can imagine how excited he was when we found out that we would be seated in the cheering section for the red & black night!  The food was actually quite tasty…and there was so much of it!

Cheering for our knight


The show was, of course, really neat.  The horses were spectacular.  We found out later that they all live on a really nice ranch outside of Dallas, and are really well taken care of.


All three boys agreed that their favorite part of the show was the sword fight!  This was actually the loudest part of the show, too.  Even so, Baby Benjamin really didn’t seem to mind.


Elliott watched the entire show intently, soaking it all in.  I wouldn’t have expected anything less!


Our red & black knight made it to the last round of the tournament and then LOST!  BOO!  Oh, well.  It was still fun to watch him compete all the way until the end.  We caught up with him afterward and snapped a pic…albeit blurry.

And, thanks to sweet Elijah’s family, each boy got to pick out a souvenir.  Elliott and Ethan chose a knight’s shield and Elijah picked out a sweet little owl 🙂


On the way home, the boys had so much fun looking at their souvenir programs and talked nonstop about the night.


Thank you so very much, Nonnie!  You are a treasure and we are so glad that we got to experience such a fun day with you!




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