Posted by: Tricia | January 24, 2013

Happy Half Birthday, Benjamin!


Beautiful baby boy, I cannot believe that you are already 6 months old today!!  You have brought so much joy to our house!  Every one of us is head over heels in love with you!  There are moments where I can’t wait for you to grow a bit so that you will SLEEP and give your momma a break, but most of the time your daddy and I talk about how much we want you to stay little bitty.

You are so snuggly and cuddly and happy and smiley.  You are never ever stingy with your smiles, always willing to give just one more even when you are totally and utterly worn out and exhausted or hungry!  Your big brothers “ooo and ahh” over you constantly, giving you lots of attention that you adore.  They will push your walker into the room they are playing in just so that you can all be together…all without being asked to do so!  This morning Elliott said that he loves your long eyelashes so much!

You love, love your daddy and you get so excited when he comes home from work.  You are working on learning to sit up without any support behind you and you can roll over from your front to your back.  You love to reach for things and explore baskets of toys and books.

You had your first taste of real food last night and were not a fan (as evidenced by the picture below)!

At birth you were our biggest baby, and at 6 months you are our smallest.  Even so, you’ve got chubby thighs and chubby cheeks.  Your momma worries that you aren’t getting enough to eat, but the doctor is pleased with your growth.

Sweet Benjamin, what a gift you are.  We cannot imagine life without you and are so thankful that God entrusted us with you.  We will do our best to raise you to love Him and love others.

Happy half-birthday, baby boy!!


Month by month, my, how you’ve grown and changed!




4 months





  1. Oh my, he IS a smiley guy! What a cutie! Yeah, my guys don’t sleep either. Yawn!

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