Posted by: Tricia | March 1, 2013


The iphone has made taking videos so much easier.  The only problem is that I forget about them!  David and I recently transferred all of our photos and videos to the computer.  There are so many!  Rather than post about each one in a separate blog post I thought it would be easiest to give each of the boys their own movie page to hi-light what they’ve been up to lately.

We’ll go in birth order and start with Elliott!

This first video was taken the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  We were on my way to my mom’s house for dinner and apparently this non-napping 5-year-old needed a nap that day!  There is almost nothing sweeter than watching my children sleep and it’s really fun watching them trying to do it in the car!

My mother-in-law had the fantastic idea to visit the Chinese Lantern Festival in Dallas back in December.  And, to make it even better I found a Groupon for the event just days after she mentioned going!  It was absolutely amazing.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.  I will share more pictures from that night later, but for now I’ll leave you with this video of Elliott getting his groove on to the Chinese music playing in the background.  I love this age.  Totally uninhibited, living life to the fullest, dancing in the middle of a crowd without a care in the world.  Apparently a ninja dance was the best interpretation for the music.  Well done, son.  You nailed it.

The monkey bars.  He’s been trying for years.  But, at 5 years old, he tackles them and finally wins!!!

This last video was taken by Elliott on his camera that he received for his birthday.  It was recorded in September but I actually hadn’t noticed it sitting in our photo library until a few weeks ago.  It’s not very exciting, but it’s fun to get a glimpse of what he was doing at that time.  Funny kid.  I love him.


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