Posted by: Tricia | September 15, 2013

He’s a Kindergarten Graduate!

Elliott’s kindergarten year went by so fast!  God truly blessed us in that all of my fears and anxieties about having to do some home schooling were quickly dissipated once the year got going.  Elliott did exceptionally well with everything.  Of course there were some trying days at home when he wasn’t feeling motivated to do his work.  And, he also had some trouble remembering to raise his hand and be quiet in class when the teacher was talking.  But, over all, we could not be prouder of Elliott!

His graduation ceremony was so sweet.  His class was unique this year because it consisted of 8 girls and 8 boys.  So, at the ceremony they sat boy-girl-boy-girl.  Mrs. Hobbs did an amazing job organizing the ceremony.  Ms. Dumas put together a sweet little slide show of pictures that she took throughout the year.  We got our own copy as well.  They performed some of the songs that they learned throughout the school year to help them remember important facts, and they received awards.





Elliott received an award for perfect attendance along with three of his classmates.  I thought it was interesting that they were all boys!


He was also the proud recipient of the “Best in Math” award and he shared the award for “Best in Phonics” with one other student.  Wow!  Way to go, Elliott!  So far, school is a breeze for you.


The neatest part of the ceremony came at the end when Mrs. Hobbs presented the character awards.  She took the time to write a paragraph about each student, hilighting a quality that stood out about them.  Some students received awards for kindness, patience, diligence, etc.  Elliott received an award for knowledge.  Mrs. Hobbs said that whenever she would begin a new unit and ask a few introductory questions Elliott would always already know the answers, plus he would have a few things to add to it as well!  Sounds about right!  She also commended him for his thirst for knowledge.  Of course we were not surprised in the least.  I just could not get over how special it was that she knew the strengths of each student so well and loved how different they were from each other.



After the ceremony it was time for hugs, pictures, and yearbook signing!







Ms. Dumas – teacher’s assistant


Mrs. Hobbs


Elliott also received a folder with his pre writing and math assessment test scores.  I was amazed to see just how much his writing had improved from the start of the year!


And, see how much he has grown up?

First and last days of kindergarten



What a special day!  Elliott, you are growing up so fast and we are so proud of how well you are doing in school!




  1. I was so proud of how much Elliott progressed during the year, and really happy I could be there to see him graduate!

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