Posted by: Tricia | September 18, 2013

One step closer to being swimmers

This year was our first year to attempt swimming lessons with both boys.  Elliott took lessons two years ago at the YMCA, but he really didn’t benefit from them at all.  Unfortunately, I missed the super early registration for the best swim school in town in February (!!) so we were forced to look at different options.  We decided to go with TCU.  Elliott has always been cautious in the water, refusing to even get his face wet, so I knew his teacher would be in for a challenge with him.  Jude, although younger, has shown more interest in the water.  He is more willing to take risks.

The first day went ok.  Elliott did everything his teacher asked him to with the exception of putting his whole head under water.  Jude was a bit standoffish and wouldn’t venture over to the pool until late in the lesson.  Even then, he wasn’t focused.  I think he thought we were just going to play in the pool.  After the first lesson with the two of them together we decided that it would be best to split them up and have them each take their own private 30 minute lesson.




Miss Danielle was a sweet girl and she was very patient with the boys.  However, I am now convinced that Elliott will need an instructor who is much more persuasive or forceful.  It’s no secret that he is stubborn, and this is one area where he may just need a little tough love.  Otherwise, I am afraid that he will never learn to swim.

She worked a lot with the boys on their kicks.  Keeping the legs straight and kicking under the water fast.  I think that if Elliott were to fall in the pool, his kicks alone would be enough to get him to the side, but we won’t know until that happens!  They did a lot of kicking back and forth across the length of the pool on the board and they learned how to put their face in the water and blow bubbles.  Having goggles helped the boys be a bit more brave about doing this.  Elliott eventually even put his whole head under water…something he worked on by himself while Jude was taking lessons.

Miss Danielle also had the boys doing super hero blast offs off  the steps toward her.  However, Elliott would not dare allow her to get too far away!




Benjamin and I sat out the first day, not realizing that it would be ok for us to get in the pool, too.  From the next day on we had fun playing in the water, too!






Our experience at TCU wasn’t a bad one.  It just wasn’t very effective.  So, naturally it was a bit disappointing.   We had a good time, but boy was I worn out from the rigorous schedule we maintained getting to and from lessons on time for two weeks straight!  This summer they got more exposure to the water.  Next summer I hope that I will be able to blog that these two are A+ swimmers!!




  1. I think next year will pull everything together. And you know you can come practice any time in our pool!

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