Posted by: Tricia | November 12, 2014


They say that these little years are going to fly by. They say that before I know it they’ll be teenagers and I’ll be begging them to share about their day. They say that I am going to miss this. And, I believe them. Most days that is. When Elliott was an only child somehow I found the time to blog about it every time he blinked! Times have changed. Life is busy and we are busy just living life. I wish I could capture every little moment, or even the big ones for that matter, on camera. I wish I could know, without a doubt, that these times would stay in my memory forever. Neither of these are realistic, so I am going to start with a few tidbits.  It’s not much, but here’s a start. The boys say funny and sweet things every day. Here are a few from this week.

*As I was driving alone in the car with just Benjamin I decided to quiz him on his animal sounds. I was surprised at how many he actually got right. When we came to “what does a sheep say?” He answered very confidently, “BAA RAM EWE!”. I am still laughing about this. Apparently the movie, Babe, was quite influential in teaching him about sheep.

photo (3)

*The weather is finally cooling off enough around here and we had to don our winter coats the other day. As I was helping Benjamin into his puffer coat he asked, “It snowing?”. Cute. Cute. Cute.

*Jude attends Hulen Street Church for preschool. Or, as he lovingly refers to it, “Human Street Church”. Makes us giggle every time he says it.


*While I was putting Jude down for his nap a few days ago he snuggled in close and stroked my face. He pulled away to look at me for a second and I assumed it was because I had smelly breath (the boys are always quick to point out an offensive smell!) But, when I asked what he was doing he said, “I just like the way you feel.” So sweet. Perhaps they won’t feel the same when they are teenagers and grown, but for now, it feels nice to be loved.



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