Posted by: Tricia | May 27, 2015


Elliott has always been a great speller. He thinks it’s a fun game to be quizzed on spelling words, both those that he’s heard of and even those that are a challenge. But, we were still shocked when he came home from school one day in first grade and told us that he’d won his class spelling bee, thereby securing a spot in his school’s spelling bee. He further blew us away on the day of the even when he out spelled the other first, second, third, and fourth graders. Not to mention a few students that were even older!

Fast forward one year and this kid is still spelling strong. He won his class spelling bee yet again and made it to the school’s spelling bee. Unbeknownst to me they students grades 1-6 are all lined up and quizzed on the same set of words for grades 1-9. Each round the words get increasingly harder. I thought that they would just be quizzed on words appropriate for their grade level. Had we known this, Elliott would have no doubt begged me to quiz him over the entire list of words all the way through to ninth grade!

Even so, he did exceptionally well. He made it through 7 rounds of words: neat, fixed, sesame, tulip, snide, squirm, dim sum, and finally out on savvy (which he spelled savy). HeĀ outlasted more than half of the kids, placing 8th out of 24! And, he did it all with such composure. This kid has nerves of steel and I have no idea where he got them from! I would have been a nervous wreck!

We could not have been more proud!


The cutest little spelling bee contestant #7


Proud Mama


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