About Us

Hi! We’re the Welch family. David, Tricia, Elliott, Jude, and our dog,  Maverick.

January 27, 1981

Loves: Ron Paul, Dallas Mavericks basketball, computer programming, yardwork, fine dining, funny t-shirts

July 27, 1980

Loves: Dallas Mavericks basketball, fine dining, traveling, sunny days, neighborhood walks, board games

August 2, 2007

Loves: Books, blocks, playgrounds, wrestling with daddy, playing chase, the outdoors, walks in the neighborhood, playing with friends


May 9, 2010

Loves: His mobile, Mommy & Daddy’s faces, Mommy’s milk, a clean diaper

August 26, 2004

Loves: naptime, eating ice, eating dinner, eating toys, barking at passerbys, and especially the mailman.



  1. Hi Tricia! This is a friend of Stephanie R. and I think you might have been our nurse in the NICU? Steph mentioned it to me the other day and I found you on her blog. What a small world. My husband has our blog set up please feel free to check it out!


  2. By the way – which mobile does Elliott have? I noticed you mentioned that it is one of his favorites! Do you think a nearly 5-month-old is too old for a mobile? We have been looking and looking for a cool one and haven’t seen one we like…

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