Posted by: Tricia | November 6, 2013


I had the best day on my birthday this year! Summer is always busy for us, but with a trip out of the country and a trip out of the state soon after we decided to have a relaxed family day on my birthday.  It was perfect!  I told David that I wanted to brave the Modern Art Museum with the kids.  I think we were both a little worried that they would be too wild but I was determined to do something different and a little more geared toward grown-ups on my special day.

We met up with Nonnie and the boys were enthralled with the sculptures in the parking lot.


Once inside, we laid down the law and the boys were actually quite well behaved.  The docents were nervous and watched us like hawks, but I was so proud of them for making it through the entire museum and enjoying it, too!



There weren’t many people there so it was easy to keep up with our kids!


We stumbled upon this grassy area about half way through our visit.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for our little wiggle worms who needed to run and play and TOUCH for a few minutes!


We all loved this painting of the scene at Noah’s ark.


Handsome soon to be 6 year old looking so grown up.


Benjamin went along for the ride!


For lunch I chose Chuy’s.  It was delicious and a great time was had by all!  I was able to snap a few precious pics of this sweet boy while we waited for David to bring the car around afterward.



Back at home David graciously took care of the boys and allowed me to venture back out ALONE to do some shopping.  It was heaven!  I was able to look around leisurely at Anthropologie (a store I had never been in) and use a gift card from my Aunt Julie.  Did I mention that it was heaven?  I fell in love with their kitchenware and snagged myself a cute little initial mug, 4 adorable bowls, and a candle that makes my home smell fantastic!

Later that night Janet came over to watch the boys and David and I got to have sushi for dinner.  It was perfect!  The whole day…absolutely perfect.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life who love me and treat me so well.

And, as if that day wasn’t enough fun, my mom also treated me to a special lunch followed by a trip to the thrift store the Sunday after my birthday.  This was the third time we have met for a mother-daughter birthday celebratory lunch and shopping date so we both agreed that it will have to be a tradition from here on out!  It is so special to have a meal with just my mom where we can talk uninterrupted by little ones.  And, we both LOVE to find a good deal and rummage through things at the thrift store so it is something that I will look forward to every May and July very much!



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