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very-funny-t-shirts-logo1Very Funny T-Shirts is a fun little venture I’ve recently started. Just for fun, I design and sell Funny T-Shirts at Some of them are just plain stupid and silly. Some, in my humble opinion, are actually pretty funny! Either way, every t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie or other design at very funny t-shirts was designed by yours truly. Throw rotten tomatoes and boo if you want! I’m not worried about what anyone else thinks, because they’re funny to me!

Some of my shirt designs are political in nature, but I’m not into supporting politicians and candidates with my t-shirts. It’s more about poking fun at the political system. You’ll find quite a few funny t-shirts with animal related designs. That’s just because animals can be so funny! And dinosaurs… don’t get me started on dinosaurs. They’re the funniest animal that exists… or, well, you know… has ever existed.

I like to use simple plays on words, funny sayings and funny slogans to create many of my t-shirts. And misspellings always make a humorous statement when applied to a shirt. You wouldn’t believe how many people will tell you something’s misspelled on your shirt… as if you didn’t know already! That’s half the fun of a funny t-shirt, confusing others, or sometimes (when they actually get it), making other people laugh.

Well, whatever kind of t-shirt you’re looking for, stop by and check out Very Funny T-Shirts then next time you need to buy a funny gift for a friend or family member, or perhaps just a light-hearted item for yourself.

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Smitten Mittens Valentine's Day T-Shirt

Smitten Mittens Valentine's Day T-Shirt

Here’s a shirt idea Tricia helped me with. And just in time for Valentine’s Day too! These mittens are smitten. Everybody can use a little love in their life… and on their t-shirt too! Take a look at the “Smitten Mittens” T-Shirt and others today at Very Funny T-Shirts.

Funny T-Shirts at

Funny T-Shirts at



  1. You are so creative! This is great!

  2. Pianosaurus Rex is awesome! I think I “need” one. LOL.

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